Self-assessment using the Business Excellence Model of EFQM

Purpose: How to perform a self-assessment by the Excellence Model (EFQM), and how to write an application for PRSPO or the European Quality Award


  • Understanding of the organization and its business environment (identification of key facts for the organization)
  • Explanation of the pros and cons of both ways of writing applications (classic and 2005+)
  • Explanation of RADAR matrix (emphasis on the principles of the radar) through concrete examples
  • Writing applications by classic way
  • Writing applications through 2005+ approach
  • Methods and techniques of self-assessment - focus on the content and the benefits and opportunities (points scored are a logical consequence of Contents).
  • Implementation of self-assessment through a workshopThe action plan for participants
  • Tools for improvements – Quality Circles (practical exercise)

Targeting group: Leaders on different levels; leaders of quality systems and other business systems, members of the teams for improvement.

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