To be the driving force for sustainable excellence in organizations in Bulgaria.

Main objectives

  • To provide continuous support to the Bulgarian organizations so that they can improve their efficacy and efficiency and this leading to creation and development of competitive advantages on the local and international markets.
  • To build a competitive Bulgarian Business Excellence Model, which can serve as a landmark and roadmap for all commercial and non-for-profit organizations in Bulgaria.


  • Popularizes the Excellence Model of the European Foundation for Quality Management and supports different types of organizations, which would like to implement it.
  • Nominates the winners of the Bulgarian Award for Business Excellence and administers the ceremony of granting the awards.
  • Undertakes different educational and scientific programmes in the areas of economy, state and commercial management, management in the healthcare and education spheres, as well as in other public and humanitarian sciences.
  • Undertakes national and international cooperation in the areas of economy, state and commercial management, management in the healthcare and education spheres, as well as in other public and humanitarian science.
  • Supports the participation and the initiatives of Bulgarian community and citizen’s organizations, scientific institutions, centers, academic facilities, universities, schools and citizens in their activities, related to the objectives of BMA.

Business Excellence Awards

The BMA’s Awards for Business Excellence encourage and support those organizations, which achieved substantial results in regard to a system of criteria (The Excellence Model), which lately is being widely used in Europe and the rest of the globe.

Regardless of the fact whether one organization has just realized the need for improvements or already have achieved substantial efficiency and efficacy, the awards for business excellence provide a comprehensive system for assessment of the current organizational capabilities.

The awards for business excellence have three objectives:

  • To support organizations in improving their activities.
  • To identify role models and demonstrate their achievements.
  • To recognize those leaders, which showed significant capabilities and achievements in the management of their organizations.

The awards are granted once per year to those organizations, which have already been assessed by BMA’s experts and a specially formed commission confirmed that those organizations are the best in the country. The five categories, in which awards are being granted, are as follows:

  • Corporate business.
  • Healthcare facility.
  • Educational facility.
  • Public sector.
  • Small and medium enterprise.

The significant public attention as well as the increased possibilities for advertisement and promotional campaigns will bring to the winners of the business excellence awards new customers, more loyal clients and recognition and pride for their employees.


  • Service Quality.
  • Evaluation and improvement of organizational processes.
  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Business excellence through effective knowledge management.
  • Effective management of the innovations.


For membership at the Bulgarian Management Association can apply commercial entities, non-for-profit organizations, and other organizations with activities in Bulgaria.

Any member can use the resources of BMA , including:

1. Getting analysis and other information related to the industry, in which the entity operates.
2. Getting free consultations on matters related to the management of the organization.
3. Getting information about the possibilities for financing from the funds of the European Union and the national state budget.
4. Getting reduced fees when using consulting services or participating at events organized by BMA.

If you would like to become a member of Bulgarian Management Association,


1. Preparation of documentation and registration of organizations
2. Preparation of specific contracts for the needs of the foreign trade and economic relations.
3. Support for realization of mutually benefiting exchange of good and services.
4. Marketing research on the internal and external markets.
5. Research, analysis and setting up of projects for start up of new production lines in the country.
6. Preparation of business plans and projects.
7. Consultation in the area of franchising and risk capital.
8. Analysis and expert opinions for renovation of existing production lines.
9. Consultations in regard to the implementation of trade and custom regimes.
10. Preparation of tender and competition documentation in the area of investments and sales.
11. Consultation in regard to problems raised from not duly executed contracts between Bulgarian and foreign contractors.
12. Consultation on legal, financial, foreign exchange, banking, insurance and other questions.
13. Servicing the foreign trade activities of the organizations.


Bulgarian Management Association
Tel: +359 877 628768
Fax: +1-213-867-2410, № 20 4040 4040
E-mail: info@bgma.eu
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