Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries of Thessaloniki

The Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries of Thessaloniki is a public corporation. Founded in 1925 and since 1940 works as a purely Chamber of Small and Medium sized Industries. Has financial and administrative independence. It is administered by an Administrative Committee of five members and a Board with 61 members.

The Chamber in the 86 years of continuous operation connected to all major economic events of Thessaloniki and the whole country and helped to shape the conditions for growth and promotion of entrepreneurship and the economy in generally.

The Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries of Thessaloniki is the first Chamber of Greece, which has been certified with ISO 9001:2000.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad is founded 1992 as an independent NGO - representative of employers. Chamber´s main objective is to defend the economic interests of its members, to submit information and to consult the companies in the southwestern Bulgaria, to promote their efforts for financial stability and competitiveness.

The Chamber has 170 members with right to vote and more than 1300 associated members. It´s managed by 5-members Board of Directors. The Board is elected by a General Assembly of the Members.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a part of the unified system of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry with 27 other regional chambers and it´s incorporated to the world network of the Trade Chambers.

Due to its membership to International Organizations the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry issues and validates documents for foreign trade´s activity of the companies. For these reasons the Bulgarian Chamber established a Voluntary Unified Trade Register. The aim of the new system is to maintain a modern unified, voluntary, electronic register at the BCCI to meet the increased needs of the business for fast, reliable and simplified registration procedure, at a price covering the costs of its maintenance and with main function to serve and facilitate the economic activity of the entrepreneurs through issuance and legalization of documents in Bulgarian and foreign languages.

The Public Part of the information system is designed to give the customers of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) access to the data of the registered companies kept in the system. The data of the registered companies accessible through the public part are in compliance with the provisions of the legislation (Commercial Code, Law on the Non-Profit Corporate Bodies , Cooperatives Act, Law on Protection of Personal Data etc). The system provides a possibility for searching and finding data about the registered persons by certain criteria and combinations.

Part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad are Municipal business representatives in the Municipalities of Blagoevgrad, Simitli, Razlog, Bansko, Kresna, Strumyani, Garmen, Yakoruda, Belitza and Hadzhidimiovo.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Blagoevgrad is a host structure of Europe Direct - Blagoevgrad - , part of Europe Direct Network of EU. EUROPE DIRECT Information Relays act as an interface between EU and its citizens at local level. The mission of the network is to distribute information and advice about the European Union's policies, actively promote local and regional debate about the European Union, allow the European institutions to disseminate local and regional information and give the public the opportunity to send feedback to the European Union institutions.

University of Macedonia - Thessaloniki

The Department of Business Administration at the University of Macedonia aims:

  • to provide students with undergraduate and master's (MBA) degree programmes of the highest quality needed for managerial and professional careers in the public and private sector.
  • to promote excellence in teaching, research and other relevant professional activities .
  • to interact with other national and international educational and research institutions, in the pursuit of mutual goals
  • to anticipate the needs of the business community and to work closely with business and professional organizations.
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